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Allergy treatment using Alfa Kinesiology
Imagine a unique, natural, easy to practice, harmless, medicine free, yet very efficient method of treating and curing all types of allergic reactions. How would YOUR life look without allergy? And how would our world of choices and lifestyle be without having to avoid allergens or combat the consequences of contact? Your life might indeed begin to change drastically, once you understood the simple reasons why your body reacts to numerous harmless ingredients such as dust mites, plant pollen, animals and simple, healthy food sources and much more.

The Method

The method that we have developed and utilize is both harmless and easy to apply to everyone, without having to go through elaborate tests before treatment and waiting for years to visit a specialist, as we both test and treat all your allergies already at the first session, and without having to ingest or spray or inject anything prior to treating or during allergic reactions.

Does that sound amazing? Then don’t stop reading!


In 2004 Torben Frank Andersen, PhD in Biology and Alfa-Kinesiologist, established the company AllergiKompagniet in Denmark based on a method of treating allergies as a chemical phobia first suggested by Torben’s teacher in Alfa-Kinesiology, Ole Larsen, and since then further developed through Torben’s extensive knowledge of biology and experience with clients. Since then Torben and his colleagues have treated more than 14.000 clients. AllergiKompagniet today consists of 6 clinics dispersed over Denmark.

In 2009 Torben participated in a TV-program on the national public TV-channel TV2, in a series called TV2-Praxis, in which he demonstrated how easy it is to remove an allergic reaction in 5 minutes in front of the camera to the astonishment of the participants. The program had 800.000 viewers and it created a lot of response and rocketed the company forward.

How efficient is this Method?

We have established statistics based on a questionnaire answered by 597 clients with a total of 1129 specific allergies. The average reduction in symptoms was 79% and the average reduction in medicine requirements was 77% in this group. This was obtained with less than 2 treatments per allergy type in average. An Allergy type is “animals” (all animals included), “foods” (all foods included), “tree pollen”, “grass pollen”, “dust”, “molds” etc. So even though a person has several food allergies, they only count as one with respect to number of treatments in average. There was no obvious difference in results between different types of allergies. Thus, we conclude that the method is highly efficient and applicable to all known types of allergies and insensitivities.

Can we prove it?

In 2015 Torben participated in another TV-Program series on the national public TV-channel DR2, called “Alternative treatment-does I work?”, where more than 10 different alternative treatment methods were assessed. In this programme two MD’s participated along with the host to evaluate the results obtained. We made a small experiment in which we introduced a placebo-treatment for 6 people with birch-pollen allergy and a real treatment for another 8 people with the same allergy. The participants were chosen at random for the two groups by the MD’s, and evaluated daily over a 10-day period in the birch pollen high season. All participants in the placebo group had at least the same symptoms and medical requirements after treatment as before the treatment, whereas all who received the real treatment had much fewer symptoms and much less medical requirements compared to before the treatment. The experiment shocked the MD’s and they recommended that a larger experiment should be performed. As a final comment to the series, the most skeptical MD expressed that the only method in the whole series that he found was very interesting was our allergy treatment.

It is evident that a scientific approach is required to make the method available for public approval and thereby an even faster expansion. We do have a description of a full-scale scientific experiment ready to start and we are looking for professional scientific partners and investors to make it happen. If You would be interested in participating either as a scientist or as an investor in such a project, please write to for further information.

​Kinesiology as an Analytic and a Treatment Method

How can we extract this information from the body and subconscious part of our brain? For that purpose, we employ kinesiology. Kinesiology was originally developed by the Chiropractor George Goodheart in USA in the early nineteen-sixties. He used muscle testing to determine which parts of the nervous system was under stress, so he knew where to apply his chiropractic skills. It has since by numerous kinesiologists been further developed to its present form, where it is used as a diagnostic and treatment tool for almost any imbalance in the body and mind. We have in Denmark developed Alfa-Kinesiology which focus on giving a deep relief at the subconscious level. It has turned out to be highly efficient, not only for treating allergies, but also in the treatment of phobias, anxiety, PTSD and treatment of other psychological traumas.

We use the kinesiological muscle testing to find and treat certain imbalances. If you apply pressure to a muscle on the client and the client pushes back, then you get a response. If the client’s muscle is strong, there is no stress involved, but if the client is being provoked by some sensory input that stresses, the muscle will get weak, indicating that an imbalance with respect to that particular input exists. The test either employ physical samples, touching specific body areas with imbalances, or the memory (e.g. asking the person to think of a scenario that stresses). For allergy treatment we use small plastic bags or glass vials containing the allergens and hold these up to the chin, where the body detects the contents. If the client has an allergy towards a sample the muscle test will show a weak muscle, indicating that the substance is considered to be dangerous according to the client’s brain. If something is considered dangerous it would be expected that some countermeasure will be performed, in this case, the allergy would be breaking out if the client is exposed to the substance directly. That means, in our hypothesis, that any allergy is nothing but a brain response to chemical exposure, a conviction of dangerousness that can be corrected, a virus program in the brain computer, i.e., a chemical phobia. The testing is safe, painless and non-invasive. It can be used for people of any age, from newborns through to seniors.

The Treatment

The treatment itself is comparable to performing a virus-scan in a computer and updating the harddrive. Through a kinesiological technique we determine the age at which you were exposed to the allergen in a situation that was considered dangerous at the time, i.e. a kind of trauma. Through a specially developed visualization exercise we help the brain to relieve the stress associated with this experience. When no stress is connected to the allergen the allergy disappears. Almost invariably the allergic symptoms disappear during the treatment in just a couple of minutes, and in many cases never return.

After the treatment it is checked with the muscle test if any stress is left with respect to the allergen. If there is, the treatment procedure is repeated, if not, the next procedure is to see what happens if the client is directly exposed to the allergen again, and treatment is only repeated if new symptoms arise. In that respect the method is like pealing an onion. We can only peal off the outer layer and if new symptoms arise upon exposure, treatment of the next layer is continued.

NB! Direct exposure is of course never used or recommended when allergies are so violent that they may cause life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

Since we usually treat all the client’s allergies in one session, we can most often work though all layers of allergic reactions within 3-6 sessions. Of course, depending on how many different types of allergies the client has and how severe the allergic reaction is.

The term “trauma” is here used in a wide sense. For a small baby or infant, even seemingly harmless experiences can be interpreted as dangerous. For instance, if a baby is waking up alone, if it falls and hurts its knee a little, or is scared by a loud noise, as long as the parent is not close to help the child interpret the event, the child will believe it is in danger since it is very small and unresourceful. If we believe that we are in danger, our survival instincts will observe all sensory inputs in the surroundings, and being unexperienced, the small child will not be able to sort the inputs, and therefore also observes and stores sensory information about harmless pollen, dust particles, animal hairs or foods as equally dangerous. As we become better with age at interpreting different scenarios, we also increase our ability to ignore unimportant information, so usually, allergies arise as a misinterpretation in the very early years of the client’s life.

All types of allergic reactions and intolerances can be treated with this method. We have vials with a large number of allergens in our clinics, pollen from about 40 different grasses, 20 different tree pollens, various animal hair types, dust and mold samples, perfumes etc. If you have suspicion to anything yourself, please bring a sample in a plastic bag or glass vial for the session.

Candida Albicans

Mucous layers have to be strong to avoid or prevent allergies to keep on emerging. We use to say that the allergy is a virus program, but your mucous layer is your firewall.

One of the most frequent organisms irritating the mucous layers is the fungus Candida albicans. We all have this fungus as a harmless part of our intestinal microbiome which consists of up to 1000 species of bacteria, fungi and other organisms. In the harmless stage it lives as yeast cells in the intestinal contents and is in perfect balance with the bacterial population. However, when your microbiome is exposed to penicillin and other antibiotics, a portion of the bacteria are killed, and the fungus transforms into its invasive form, the mycelial stage, where it lives like thin transparent threads. These threads attach to the mucous layer in the intestine and then it no longer is removed with the feces. When we continue to feed the fungus with sugar, white bread, beer, fruits, dairy products, coffee, pork and beef, etc. it grows and spreads in the mucous layer causing damage to the cell walls and causing leaky guts. Though these leaks the fungal spores can spread into the blood stream and disperse itself throughout the body. The fungus prefers the mucous layers, as they are warm and moist, and by invading the mucous layers, it weakens these, thus making us more sensitive to external environmental allergens.

The Candida-cure

If a Candida infection is present, allergies will be more likely to continue to arise, so if you want to get a permanent relief of allergies, it makes perfectly sense to make an effort to clear out the Candida. We recommend a cure that takes only 1 month. It consists of a dietary plan that focuses on starving the fungus, together with an individually tested set of supplements which helps killing the fungus and strengthening the mucous layers again.

This diet ONLY has the full effect in just a month when used in combination with the right supplements in the right individual dosage. We cannot give you a perfectly suited recipe for your requirements, as it varies a lot. Call us and book a Candida-consultation, where we can test your exact needs in supplements.

Phone service: +45 70255099, weekdays 8am to 4pm CET.

REMEMBER: this is ONLY for a month! After this month most people can start up SLOWLY with these food items again, if you wish to. We often hear our clients state that they have no intentions of getting back on their old diet because they feel so much better after just one month. And often it stays that way. If you do a proper job with the cure, the fungus will find it much harder to return to the infectious stage. We often check clients after up to 10 years where the Candida is still inactive.


Our modern living is a stressful environment with numerous sources of negative effects on the body. Too much to do, poor foods with lack of nutrients, pollution, electromagnetic impact from electronic appliances all around us, etc. etc. And that is on top of all the “normal” types of stressors like death of relatives and friends, disease, divorce, marriage, children, job changes, relocation and so on.

Some people cope better with changes than others, whereas some are very sensitive to different stressors. This sensitivity mostly results (or is caused by, we can only guess in retrospective) adrenal stress, leading to adrenal fatigue. In turn this has a profound negative effect on your interpretation of the surroundings, as more and more inputs are interpreted as dangerous when you are in a state of over-alertness. When your adrenal glands are fatigued, they do not produce hormones as efficiently and quickly, and particularly with respect to the hormone Cortisol, this has an impact on the immune system. Normally, the immune system is controlled and regulated by the level of Cortisol, but with less and slower Cortisol-response, the immune system becomes hyperactive and overreacts to sensory inputs. This we often observe with multi-allergic clients and with clients with autoimmune diseases like Morbus Chron, Diabetes type1, Sclerosis, Arthritis, Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Psoriasis etc.

Dr. James L. Wilson, an American MD who has worked with adrenal fatigue in 25 years and has written a book about it, claims that adrenal fatigue is one of the most underdiagnosed conditions today. I tend to agree with him. Read his book about the subject. It’s called Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue can be turned around by a careful planning and meticulously avoiding stressors and getting good, nutritious foods and sufficient sleep. We do have several remedies with positive impact on adrenal fatigue that we can test for need and usefulness. Usually we can help restore adrenal robustness in a couple of months with the right ingredients and rebalancing traumas and allergies/intolerances to create a situation with less risk of continuous overreactions. It literally turns your perception of the world around to become more robust.

Treatment of Phobias and Anxieties

The method we utilize for treating allergies was originally designed to treat phobias. As a biologist it was easy for me to see the parallels between these two conditions, as the response is similar, the only difference being that they are perceived by different sensory organs. In allergies the response is generated in our mucous layer and skin, whereas phobias usually are connected to visual og audial inputs.

We can test if a certain thought of phobic content stresses, and we test when this event was connected to stress, and in the same way as with allergies a visualization technique helps the brain to relax, and the phobic condition usually disappears within a few minutes. It may, just as with allergies, require a few extra treatments, but most phobias are completely gone with 2-3 treatments.

The same goes for anxieties, as anxiety is merely the emotional response to either a phobic or a traumatic experience, both of which an be treated in the way described above. We have multiple examples of serious trauma from incest, rape or assault victims, where just one treatment was sufficient to erase the trigger of their anxiety. Of course, some require more sessions if they have experienced multiple violations, which sadly often is the case.


We educate Alfa-Kinesiologists in cooperation with Ole Larsen. This therapy form is unique in its ability to treat and remove allergies, phobias and traumas in a fast simple and harmless fashion. It is still simple to learn, yet not necessarily simple to practice without proper education and supervision. It can easily be adopted to most countries in the northern hemisphere with similar plant populations throughout. We are open for licensing to other countries and educating therapists, as long as classes can be held in English. For further information please write to .


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